Economy December 11, 2023 | 2:52 pm

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Dominican Republic benefits from extended AERODOM contract, asserts Minister Joel Santos

Santo Domingo.- Joel Santos Echavarría, the Dominican Republic’s Minister of the Presidency, today emphasized the significance of extending the contract with Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (AERODOM). He views this as a strategic move for the nation’s economic growth and the sustainable development of its airport infrastructure.

According to Santos, the revised contract will initially bring in US$775 million for the State, a substantial financial achievement that will be channeled into road construction projects for the public’s benefit. He pointed out the necessity of building a new terminal at the Las Américas International Airport, responding to expected future demands.

Key aspects of the renegotiation include the immediate payment of US$775 million and an additional US$830 million investment in airport facility upgrades. Santos stressed that the planned works and projects funded by these amounts would positively impact the country’s infrastructure and development, primarily for the people’s benefit.

Addressing criticisms from opposition parties, the Minister asserted that such attitudes hinder the pursuit of vital infrastructure solutions. He accused the opposition of being ineffectual against a successful deal that promises significant public benefits, a feat not achieved in similar contracts during previous administrations.

Santos also underscored the importance of the new investments committed by VINCI, totaling US$350 million over ten years. These investments are crucial for ensuring aviation sector safety and technological adaptation. He highlighted VINCI’s global reputation as the world’s leading private airport operator, managing over 70 airports in 13 countries. Their proven management skills, Santos asserted, ensure the successful fulfillment of the agreements with the State.

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