Economy December 15, 2023 | 5:52 pm

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Drop in prices for premium and regular gasoline

Country - Protests of gasoline pumps, belonging to ANADEGAS, which closed their services during the morning of today, until 12 noon, as a call to the government to regulate the prices of the sale of fuels, since they It is affecting profits due to high production costs. Ariel Díaz-Alejo / Newspaper Hoy

Santo Domingo.- The Deputy Minister of Internal Trade, Ramón Pérez Fermín, conveyed on Friday that the global market for petroleum derivatives has started to ease, leading to a drop in prices for premium and regular gasoline. Meanwhile, optimal and regular diesel will maintain their subsidized rates, and other fuels will remain unchanged in their pricing.

“In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed a decline in the international oil derivatives market, which had sustained high values for almost all of 2023. This development brings positive news for economies like ours, heavily reliant on international energy market fluctuations,” explained the vice minister.

“With immense satisfaction, we’re pleased to announce reductions in both premium and regular gasoline prices for this penultimate week of the year, while prices for other fuels will hold steady,” Pérez Fermín shared.

As per the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and MSMEs, the pricing for fuels for the week of December 16 to 22, 2023, is as follows:

Premium Gasoline will be sold at RD$290.10 per gallon, lowers RD$3.00.
Regular Gasoline RD$272.50 per gallon lowers RD$2.00.
Regular Diesel RD$221.60 per gallon maintains its price.
Optimal Gasoil RD$239.10 per gallon maintains its price.
Avtur RD$180.98 per gallon drops RD$8.28.
Kerosene RD$209.90 per gallon lowers RD$9.00.
Fuel Oil #6 RD$156.21 per gallon drops RD$1.46.
Fuel Oil 1%S RD$169.06 per gallon maintains its price.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) RD$132.60 per gallon maintains its price.
Natural Gas RD$43.97 per m3 maintains its price.

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Paul Tierney
December 16, 2023 6:01 pm

The drop in prices is a tell that it is holiday season. Every year, every year. the government gives the gift.