Economy December 15, 2023 | 4:41 pm

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Libra Group Executive explores investment opportunities in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- George Logothetis, the executive president of Libra Group, a multinational investment company, recently concluded a 48-hour visit to the Dominican Republic. Invited by President Luis Abinader, Logothetis expressed his admiration for the country and recognized its potential for foreign investment, particularly in industries like aerospace, hospitality, and renewable energy.

During his visit, Logothetis explored various social and economic sectors, aiming to identify opportunities where Libra Group could contribute to the Dominican Republic’s rapid socioeconomic growth. He was particularly intrigued by the country’s stability and potential, which he found ideal for developing projects like Aria Hotels. Libra Group’s luxury hotel chain, Aria Hotels, has a significant presence in the United States and Greece, with over 70 establishments.

Logothetis announced plans to send a Greek delegation to the Dominican Republic to scout locations for potential hotel projects. He emphasized that Aria Hotels could be a gateway to introducing aerospace projects in the country, including the possibility of bringing air taxis for interconnecting the chain’s hotels in Greece.

In discussions with President Abinader, Logothetis explored bringing these air taxis to the Dominican Republic. Additionally, he revealed ongoing evaluations for initiating renewable energy projects through Greenwood Energy, one of Libra Group’s companies with a Latin American presence. The announcement of these energy projects is expected by January 2024.

Logothetis also mentioned that Greenwood Energy has had a team in the Dominican Republic for the past six months, researching potential business areas for solar park implementation and hospitality industry development.

With the Dominican Republic’s diverse potential, Logothetis sees significant opportunities for expanding Libra Group’s portfolio, especially in renewable energy and hospitality. He also didn’t rule out the possibility of investing in the aerospace sector, having already initiated conversations with the president and local authorities on this topic.

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Luis Grullon
December 20, 2023 11:10 am

I would like to see aerospace investment
The Dr can generate a lot of opportunities from it