Economy January 3, 2024 | 2:45 pm

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Boost for Dominican tobacco: Agriculture Ministry donates agrochemicals

Santo Domingo.- In a significant move to bolster one of the Dominican Republic’s key export sectors, the Ministry of Agriculture has provided a substantial donation of high-quality agrochemicals to the Tobacco Institute (INTABACO). This initiative, involving the distribution of one thousand liters of agrochemicals, is aimed at enhancing the quality of the tobacco crop, ensuring that it meets both local and international market standards and remains pest-free.

The gesture, led by Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz, is part of a broader effort to support local tobacco producers and maintain the high standing of Dominican tobacco on the global stage. Known for its premium quality, Dominican tobacco has garnered numerous international accolades.

The agrochemicals were handed over by Pedro Trinidad Ledesma, the Northern Regional Director of the Ministry, to Rafael Almonte, the Director of Intabaco. The exchange signifies a collaborative effort between various representatives from both Intabaco and the Ministry of Agriculture, including Radhamés Díaz, Tirso Ramírez, Fátima Santos, and Juan Ramos.

Dominican tobacco, predominantly cultivated in the Santiago province, attributes its renowned quality to the region’s favorable soil and climatic conditions. This province alone accounts for about 51% of the nation’s tobacco cultivation, with an additional twelve provinces contributing to its production. This initiative marks a vital step in ensuring the continued success and quality of the Dominican tobacco industry.

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P vS
January 7, 2024 12:34 pm

The government giving tax-dollar paid goods to private companies. Gee, I’m glad that the government is not also borrowing money from the IMF… oops, it does. How very sustainable.

Private business should source their own inputs. Government should stop trying to pick winners, they are terrible at it. The free market will pick winners & losers, and profits will pay for the inputs.