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Dominican Republic, top tourist destination in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is the top tourist destination in the Caribbean, according to TripAdvisor’s list of “Best of the Best 2024 in the Caribbean” winners.

In the same order, the Dominican Republic is followed by Cuba, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Martin, Grand Cayman, Providenciales, St. Lucia, and Curacao.

The publication points out that the Dominican Republic is located in the same waters that bathe Cuba and Puerto Rico, occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island it shares with Haiti.

It says that the country has a “lush interior mixed with caves, Victorian houses that look like chocolate and the tradition of pirates, in addition to 1440 kilometers of coastline on its insular end”, where the cable car that climbs to the mountain Isabel de Torres (in Puerto Plata, north of the country), or the impressive Saona Island stands out.

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