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Public investment on the border area exceeded 12,000 million in 2023

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of Economy, Pavel Isa Contreras, announced on Thursday that public investment in the border area is set to surpass 12,000 million pesos in 2023. This revelation came during the presentation of the Progress in the Execution of the Development Strategy for the Border Area, an event presided over by President Luis Abinader.

Isa Contreras highlighted the project’s success in creating a more diversified, modern border with improved infrastructure and a greener environment.

The government’s objective with this program is to enhance the visibility and productivity of border provinces, ultimately preventing the migration of residents and addressing territorial disparities.

Key Public Investment Projects:

  1. Cabo Rojo Ecotourism Development Project (Pedernales):
    • Coordinated by the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships and involving entities like the Ministry of Public Works, Inapa, and Edesur.
    • Total investment exceeding RD$40,000 million.
  2. Manzanillo Bay Development Project:
    • Coordinated by the Ministry of the Presidency.
    • Public investment surpassing RD$17,800 million, with an additional private investment nearing RD$140,000 million.
  3. Road Infrastructure Construction and Improvement:
    • Advancing in the construction and improvement of over 385 kilometers of road infrastructure.
    • An investment of RD$15,000 million led by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

These initiatives aim to foster sustainable development in the border region, promoting economic growth, environmental consciousness, and improved living conditions for the local population.

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