Economy February 20, 2024 | 8:16 am

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Abinader reports over 104 MM pesos in agricultural loans

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader announced that over the past three and a half years of his administration, loans exceeding 104, 000 million pesos have been formalized through the Agricultural Bank. Approximately 17,000 farmers have benefited from the financing provided by the bank, according to President Abinader.

“In the period leading up to 2023, the Agricultural Bank has successfully formalized loans totaling 104.477 million pesos,” explained President Abinader. He further highlighted an 81 percent growth in the global loan portfolio of the Agricultural Bank, which encompasses nearly 20 million pesos in credits provided by the central government at various stages.

Minister of Agriculture Limbert Cruz shared details about an initiative to combat the potential presence of the Mediterranean fly. To address this issue, the institution is implementing a plan to exterminate the insect. Cruz stated, “We have received three million sterile males, and we plan to release them tomorrow at 5 a.m., depending on weather conditions.”

These announcements were made by the President during a discussion on food security in LA Semanal con la Prensa.

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