Economy February 29, 2024 | 8:34 am

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JAC adds new flights connecting Europe, North America, and Central America

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government, represented by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), has recently introduced new air operations connecting the national territory with the United States, Madrid, Canada, and El Salvador. Dr. José Marte Piantini, the president of the organization, shared this information during the fourth ordinary session of 2024.

Emphasizing the significance of air connectivity in fostering the productive sectors of the Dominican Republic, President Piantini conveyed Frontier’s request to expand routes, including Cleveland/Punta Cana/Orlando, Orlando/Punta Cana/Cleveland, Philadelphia/Punta Cana/St. Louis, St. Louis/Punta Cana/Philadelphia, San Juan/Punta Cana/Cleveland, San Juan/Punta Cana/St. Louis, St. Louis/Punta Cana/San Juan, Cleveland/Punta Cana/San Juan, Fort Lauderdale/Punta Cana/San Juan, and San Juan/Punta Cana/Fort Lauderdale.

Frontier, as per their market study, plans to commence operations using Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321neo aircraft, offering three to seven flights weekly and anticipating the transportation of 497,637 passengers.

In a bid to enhance air connectivity globally for Dominicans, the session members were informed of Air Europa’s request for a special permit to operate flights on the Madrid/Santiago/Madrid route, scheduled from June 27 to September 7, 2024. The proposed frequency is two flights per week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Additionally, West Jet Airlines sought a special permit for operations on the Calgary/Punta Cana/Calgary route, planning one weekly flight on Saturdays. The Canadian operator intends to conduct passenger and cargo flights from May 4 to October 26, 2024, based on their request.

Marte Piantini highlighted that West Jet Airlines had transported 227,698 passengers in 1,445 operations from January 2023 to January 2024.

Concluding the session, the plenary members approved the amendment request for the Economic Authorization Certificate (CAE) from the national air operator Sky High Aviation. This amendment includes the addition of the Santo Domingo/El Salvador/Santo Domingo route. The operator envisions initiating operations with two ERJ190-type aircraft, each with a capacity of 97 seats. The proposed frequency is three weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In the first six months of operation, Sky High Aviation aims to offer approximately 13,968 seats and transport an average of 8,474 passengers.

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