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Energía 2000 fortifies financial backbone for Manzanillo Power Land project

Santo Domingo.- Energía 2000, SA, the driving force behind the Manzanillo Power Land energy project, has successfully bolstered its financial foundation by increasing its authorized share capital by US$250,000,000. This increment involves the issuance of 250,000 shares, each with a nominal value of US$1,000. Subsequently, a total of 166,822 shares have been subscribed, resulting in a fully paid and registered capital of US$166,822,000.

This pivotal financial maneuver was sanctioned during the Extraordinary General Assembly on August 29, 2023. At this meeting, the then-president of the board of directors, Jaime Santana Bonetti, spearheaded the capitalization round, consolidating investments and contributions from shareholders. The primary objective was to optimize company operations, ensuring the seamless continuation of the construction, development, and operation of the energy plant. Noteworthy is the fact that the entire capital increase was directly contributed through equity-charged investments, raising private capital.

Energía 2000 proudly showcases achievements in the ongoing development of the 414MW Manzanillo Power Land thermoelectric generation plant. Significant strides have been made in construction, including the establishment of local control rooms for turbogenerators, a centralized control room, sewage collection and treatment systems, a 295,000-foot tube well, structural foundations for the ACC-Air Cooled Condenser, and foundations for the HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generation.

The administrative and security and control buildings of Energía 2000 have also been constructed and inaugurated, serving as central hubs for strategically coordinating plant operation activities.

The multinational Lindsayca, Inc., operating as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, has played a crucial role in executing the construction, commissioning, and development phases of the thermoelectric plant. Lindsayca, Inc. ensured adherence to national and international standards, emphasizing quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Energía 2000 reported the arrival of gas turbines (SGT6-8000H of 269.1 megawatts) and steam turbines (SST6 of 144.1 megawatts), manufactured by Siemens Energy. These turbines were received at the Dominican port through the provisional dock of Manzanillo, inaugurated in August by the business group to facilitate the loading of materials and equipment for plant development.

In addition to the economic impact reflected in the subscribed and paid capital, several essential works have been executed. These include the construction of the cargo road to the Manzanillo Dock, operation of the temporary dock, completion of the Energy 2000 gas pipeline – Manzanillo port section, and active participation in reforestation and ecological restoration efforts in collaboration with the Moscoso Puello Foundation.

Further progress has been made in the infrastructure of the 345KV Transmission Line in the northwest area, currently in its final stages of construction. Spanning 115 kilometers, this transmission line will connect the Pepillo Salcedo, Guayubín, and El Naranjo substations, facilitating the interconnection of Manzanillo Power Land with the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI).

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