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Promipyme launches the “Emprende Pedernales” program

Pedernales, DR.- The National Council for the Promotion and Support of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme) has launched the “Emprende Pedernales” program today, with an initial allocation of RD$150 million in credits, to be disbursed in stages.

During an event held at the Provincial Government and attended by Fabricio Gómez Mazara, the general director of Promipyme, and Joel Santos Echavarría, the Minister of the Presidency, the first RD$15 million were awarded to 130 microentrepreneurs.

The “Emprende Pedernales” program aims to provide loans to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) in the province and surrounding areas, based on demand. Gómez Mazara emphasized the program’s mission to support those with a strong desire to progress and guide entrepreneurs toward the development and sustainability of their businesses.

Since joining Promipyme on November 15, Gómez Mazara reported that RD$1,466 million in credits have been disbursed to strengthen the local productive sector. He underscored the importance of social, economic, and tourism development plans for Pedernales and the region, aligned with policies supporting MSMEs, with emphasis on the territorial aspect.

The “Emprende Pedernales” program, with an initial budget of RD$150 million for the next two years, is designed to boost the local economy through financial and non-financial assistance. Gómez Mazara highlighted that the program not only offers loans but also acts as a catalyst for development, energizing the local economy and transforming the lives of businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Promipyme also introduced two additional initiatives: The Promipyme Innovation Laboratory and the Despega Program, aimed at providing mentoring and strategic planning to encourage the creation and development of new businesses.

Minister of the Presidency Joel Santos Echavarría highlighted the government’s efforts in Pedernales’ development, including infrastructure and social projects. He emphasized that the focus on the region would not only benefit the province but also foster economic and social growth through various projects, including infrastructure construction and community support programs.

This holistic approach aims to transform Pedernales and its surroundings, promoting tourism and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, with continuous support from initiatives like “Emprende Pedernales.”

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