Economy March 27, 2024 | 10:36 am

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Government’s RD$10,000 million investment in border area

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development announced on Tuesday that as of 2024, a total of RD$10,025.2 million has been invested in the border area, constituting 10.8% of the national provincial investment.

This public investment is allocated across 201 projects, with significant emphasis on key initiatives such as the enhancement of the Port of Manzanillo and its connectivity, the expansion of Phase II of the national 911 emergency and security system, and the construction of a smart perimeter fence along the Dominican Republic-Haiti border.

However, despite the substantial investment, there has been an 11.2% decrease, primarily due to progress made in executing works related to major projects in the region.

In terms of geographical distribution, the Ministry of Economy highlighted Montecristi, Independencia, and Bahoruco as the primary beneficiaries, accounting for over 65% of the total projected investment in the area.

These figures are sourced from the Border Zone Development Policy Directorate (DPDZF) of the Ministry of Economy.

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