Economy April 22, 2024 | 10:56 am

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Dominican Republic wraps up 1st LatAm Trade Show with $28M in contracts

Orlando, US.- The Dominican Republic concludes its successful participation in the 1st LatAm Trade Show, held from April 16 to 18 in Orlando & Tampa Bay. Throughout the event, the Dominican delegation secured pre-purchase contracts exceeding US$28 million, solidifying its pivotal role in Latin American commercial exchanges.

Comprising 22 entities, including corporations and cooperatives, the Dominican delegation showcased its prowess across various economic sectors, spanning agriculture, fresh and processed foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, technology, and aerospace.

Francisco Holi Matos, Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Orlando, Florida, announced the forging of over 60 strategic marketing agreements and the initiation of nine distribution contracts for Dominican products across Florida. Beyond fostering commercial transactions, the event facilitated strategic dialogues between Dominican and foreign entrepreneurs, exploring fresh avenues for collaboration in the North American market.

In collaboration with the consulates of Mexico and Colombia, the event featured a diverse array of regional products, underscoring its significance and regional impact.

Raúl Alfonso, Executive Vice President of the Port of Tampa Bay, emphasized the port’s advantageous facilities for trade and offered incentives to importers, further fortifying commercial bonds between the Dominican Republic and the region.

The 1st LatAm Trade Show marks a pivotal milestone in bolstering Dominican trade within the US market, promising a prosperous trajectory for bilateral trade relations.

Exhibitors expressed their gratitude for the support extended by US authorities and the Dominican government, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving successful trade endeavors.

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