Economy May 7, 2024 | 8:30 am

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Dominican Republic received US$10,000 million in remittances last year

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader highlighted that Dominicans living abroad contribute approximately $10 billion in remittances to the country’s economy, with a significant portion directed towards the construction sector.

Currently, there are 2,846,716 registered Dominicans residing abroad, spread across 240 associations in 30 countries. This data is sourced from the sociodemographic registry of Dominicans abroad.

The majority of Dominicans abroad reside in the Americas, accounting for 2,569,078 individuals (90.2%), followed by Europe with 274,885 (9.7%), and a smaller fraction, 2,753 Dominicans (0.1%), dispersed across other parts of the world.

Among the countries with the largest Dominican populations are the United States (2,396,784), Spain (193,653), Puerto Rico (54,025), Italy (28,912), and Canada (22,125). The distribution of Dominicans abroad shows that 53.5% are women and 46.5% are men.

President Abinader highlighted the efforts of INDEX, which has conducted 374 activities aimed at these communities, focusing on cultural promotion, training, social initiatives, and sports activities. Additionally, new offices have been established in Argentina, Chile, London, and Orlando, along with 11 fully operational physical spaces abroad to cater to Dominican needs.

INDEX has forged alliances to provide public services and policies closer to Dominican communities. Initiatives include legal assistance and psychological therapy services provided by the Ministry of Women, the establishment of three Banreservas branches in Madrid, New York, and Miami, and Infotep’s virtual training program offering 42 study areas in 22 countries.

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