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DGA achieves record revenue collection

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) announced a significant increase in revenue collection, totaling RD$19,955,477,883 million during the period from 2020 to 2023, compared to RD$10,262,173,281 million collected in the previous administration from 2016 to 2019.

This notable growth of 94.46%, as highlighted by the collecting entity, underscores the effectiveness of the Collections Department’s efforts. The average collection between 2020 and 2023 stood at RD$4,988 million, a substantial increase compared to RD$2,565 million in the previous period.

Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, the current General Director, attributed this success to various strategic actions, including formalizing accounts receivable through payment agreements using notarial promissory notes and implementing policies and regulations from the Fines and Penalties Commission.

“The financial management team at DGA plays a pivotal role in efficiently handling non-operational collections, ensuring their effective utilization to support projects and programs aimed at fostering growth, modernization, and transformation,” expressed Sanz Lovatón.

In conjunction with the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), DGA conducted operations targeting tax non-compliance, resulting in the closure of four establishments in the National District and two in Santiago. These closures were enforced due to violations of several articles of the Tax Code, including non-issuance of invoices with tax receipts, absence of tax solutions, and misrepresentation of information in companies’ sworn statements to underreport income.

Auditing agencies revealed that the intervened businesses had bank transfers exceeding 90%, surpassing the total ITBIS (Value Added Tax) operations reported. Additionally, there was a significant volume of unreported cash sales, despite substantial banking transactions, some reaching up to 500 million pesos.

The intervention underscores the commitment of DGA and DGII to combat tax evasion and ensure compliance with tax regulations, thereby safeguarding revenue streams crucial for national development initiatives.

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