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In two years, Dominican National Brewery has managed to collect 5.4 million pounds of plastic

400 volunteers belong to the initiative for the collection and proper management of PET plastic in mass events.

Santo Domingo – To create a future that reflects a culture of sustainability and the commitment to transform its operations to make them increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly, the Dominican National Brewery together with allied entities have collected 5.4 million pounds of plastic.

Under the vision of building a better world for all, since 2022 the company has managed the private alliance NUVI PET, an initiative that promotes the culture of reducing, recycling and valorizing waste, especially PET plastic bottles.

“Sustainability guides all aspects of our operations, as a constant of who we are as a company and what we want to achieve to continue generating well-being in our people. And we celebrate, with great pride, this achievement that we have achieved thanks to the efforts of all the partners in the project,” said Luis Álvarez, executive vice president of the company, within the framework of World Recycling Day.

In each of these pillars, various initiatives have been developed. For example, in the field of Circular Packaging, more than 90% of its products are packaged in returnable glass bottles. In addition, it has a glass returnability model that allows 85% of the bottles to be recovered for reuse up to 10 times.

All these actions are part of the company’s sustainability strategy, responding to major objectives, which are integrated throughout the organization, and which are based on the pillars of circular packaging, climate change, smart agriculture, entrepreneurship and water protection.

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