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Sur Futuro and Genera ITM Foundations unite for sustainable development in Pedernales

Pedernales.- The Sur Futuro Foundation and the Genera ITM Foundation have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the sustainable development of Pedernales province.

This alliance aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of Pedernales by focusing on five key areas: promoting sustainable tourism, comprehensive training for individuals, supporting strategic local ventures, protecting the environment, and fostering community dialogue and participation.

Melba Segura de Grullón, president of the Sur Futuro Foundation, emphasized the urgent needs of Pedernales: “If someone asks me which place in the Southern region shows the most visible needs on the faces of its inhabitants, I tell them: that place is Pedernales. That’s where the work is needed. In the Oviedo Lagoon, in Juancho, in Aguas Negras, and in the Mulito basin, which, if we do not pay attention, we will not have water.”

She added, “Having Genera ITM as an ally to improve the quality of life in that region is a dream come true. For 22 years, Sur Futuro has strived to uplift the living conditions of those neglected people, who were always the last to be remembered because they lived far from the capital and had few votes.”

Alicia Mateos, president of the Genera ITM Foundation, expressed her commitment to working with Sur Futuro to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the communities of Pedernales and future generations.

The partnership includes co-creating an action plan to define programs or projects, their scope, and goals to achieve the shared objectives.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Province

The goal is to promote sustainable, community-focused tourism. This involves creating spaces for dialogue among communities, public and private institutions, and civil society to define sustainability’s key aspects, address the local tourism offer, and develop comprehensive training programs for residents.

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