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Abinader announces 23% increase in Dominican Republic’s exports

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader has announced that the country has achieved its best export figures in the last three years, with a total increase of 23% compared to the period from 2016 to 2019. The president attributed this success to the National Export Promotion Plan (PNFE), which was launched in November 2020 to promote exports and improve competitiveness in global markets.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and international trade tensions, the Dominican Republic has managed to increase its exports by 23% since 2020, with a total value of $45,804 million. The country’s main export partner is the United States, accounting for 54.38% of total exports, followed by other major destinations such as Argentina, China, and Japan.

The president highlighted the growth of medical instruments and devices as a key sector, with an increase of over $148 million. He also emphasized the importance of promoting women’s participation in the national productive process and their incorporation into international business activities.

The PNFE has been implemented in a consensual and coherent manner, incorporating the perspectives and proposals of national and international institutions, companies, associations, and organizations involved in productive and export development. The plan has been recognized as a benchmark in good international practices and has positioned the Dominican Republic as a world-class logistics hub.

The government has also implemented various initiatives to promote exports, including the modernization of the General Customs Law, the lifting of impediments to the entry of Dominican products to international markets, and the migration to non-face-to-face channels in the provision of services.

The PNFE has achieved significant progress in its implementation, with more than 70% of measures completed or in execution. The plan is expected to continue promoting exports and improving competitiveness in global markets, with a focus on diversifying exports to new markets and improving product quality standards.

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Pankaj Kanojia
June 7, 2024 2:28 pm

The Dominican Business fraternity should look at india for exports ,india is a huge market for agro products such as mango & the quality & quantity of mango the dominican republic produce is very good & decent…also some indian companies export metal scrap from here which is a huge plus for the dominican economy & saves the fragile environment of the island country which heavily depends upon tourism sector..India also has a huge market for medical instruments & devices infact the dominican companies should set up manufacturing base in india & make india a hub for their exports to the neighbouring countries in asia as well as europe as india provides super cheap labour,technology & instead of just looking at exports the domincan businessmen should set manufacturing in india & from india they can export their products worldwide in the process the dominican companies become multinatianals…Long live the friendship between India & the beautiful Dominican Republic.