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DGII introduces tax scoring tool

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Internal Revenue (DGII) has unveiled the Tax Scoring tool, a new rating system designed to assess taxpayers’ compliance with their tax obligations. This technological advancement allows taxpayers to monitor their tax status and compliance history, aiding in financial planning, access to credit, and fostering better relations with tax authorities.

Luis Valdez Veras, Director General of DGII, highlighted the tool’s introduction as a pioneering initiative in Latin America, alongside Brazil and Colombia. The system assigns a star rating to indicate compliance levels, promoting transparency and confidence between taxpayers and tax authorities. It also aims to expedite administrative processes, enhance corporate reputation, and cultivate a culture of tax compliance.

Valdez Veras clarified that a higher star rating signifies full compliance with formal obligations, while fewer stars indicate pending obligations such as filing forms or making payments. Initially available to large taxpayers, representing 75% of DGII’s collection, the tool will gradually extend to all taxpayers. However, Valdez Veras emphasized that the rating does not exempt taxpayers from audits or investigations by DGII to verify declaration accuracy.

Alongside the Tax Scoring tool, DGII announced the launch of the Compilation of Technical Consultations 2006-2023. This compilation consolidates 5,163 queries from taxpayers regarding tax application across various activities. Predominantly, queries concern the tax on transfers of industrialized goods and services (ITBIS) and income tax (ISR), categorized under General Standards and legal provisions.

The compilation aims to provide comprehensive guidance to taxpayers, ensuring clarity and consistency in tax application across different sectors and activities.

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