Health April 3, 2020 | 9:15 am

President requests to extend emergency

President Danilo Medina asked Congress yesterday for authorization to extend the state of emergency for another 25 days, to continue implementing actions to slow down the rate of contagion of the coronavirus.
A similar measure was already authorized through Resolution 62-20, of March 19 and later, the Executive Branch declared the state through Decree 134-20 of March 19, 2020.

While currently, President Medina pointed out in the petition, addressed to Arístides Victoria Yeb, acting president of the Senate of the Republic, that the extension request is being made for an additional period of 25 days, to maintain preventive measures and in a timely manner social distancing. President Medina explains that in the national context, it is necessary to continue implementing distancing measures “as a key tool to combat this pandemic.”

“I hope, therefore, that the honorable legislators will pass their approval vote on this request so that, together, we can continue working to contain and reverse the Covid-19 pandemic to protect the health and life of Dominicans,” said the President in the communication sent in the afternoon to Congress.

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