Health April 4, 2020 | 9:25 am

COVID-19: SFM-Northeast-Cibao fleets arrive with massive aid

SAN FRANCISCO DE MACORÍS, Dominican Republic.- A fleet of vehicles arrived in this city and other towns in the Northeast Region and Central Cibao, with the first batch of medicines and equipment for hospital institutions, as well as food and utensils for the popular sectors.


This was stated by the Business Commission of the Regional Development Council (CRD), chaired by businessmen Samir and Héctor José Rizek Sued, who managed this solidarity aid.

During today and the following days, these massive contributions of food and utensils “for the financially-challenged population, as well as medicines, equipment and medical utensils for the underprivileged, will continue to reach this community and other municipalities in the provinces of the Northeast-Central Cibao area the public and private hospital centers involved in the coronavirus,” said the CRD in a press release.

The development agency – highlights the note – achieved the contribution of many businessmen and entities of Cibao and the country “that are joining the call of the Regional Development Council (CRD) to mass their aid to hospitals and sectors without economic resources due to the very serious repercussions of the coronavirus.”

The entity asked, “those who have not yet done so in the various provinces, to ennoble and bless themselves by contributing abundantly in favor of the poorest sectors of their communities and the country.”

“Entrepreneurs-companies and institutions are blessed and enhanced by the processing of massive and high-volume contributions,” he stressed.

The liaison commission for CRD assistance is made up of Samir Rizek, Héctor José Rizek, Msgr. Jesús María de Jesús Moya, José Aníbal García, Abraham Abukarma, Rubén Martínez Madera, Eugenio Vargas, Odalis Ventura and Luis Vargas.

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