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The country is heading to prolong the state of emergency due to viruses

The Senate will hear today the request to extend the state of emergency. ARCHIVE

Santo Domingo, DR

This week begins in the Dominican Republic with the expectation of the extension of the national emergency period, due to the increase of coronavirus infections, which as of yesterday registered 1,745 cases, with 82 deaths.

The request for a 25-day extension that President Danilo Medina submitted to the National Congress last Thursday will be reviewed today by the Senate. The Chamber of Deputies revoked the call that had been made for tomorrow. Reports indicate that the senators will meet at 11 in the morning in the hall of the National Assembly, where the presidents render reports, which is broader than that of the chamber where they usually meet and allows greater distance.  

If that request is accepted, the period of a state of emergency, which expires on April 13, would end on May 7.

The president justified the request is needed to continue implementing social distancing measures, which he considers vital tools to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Congress authorized by resolution President Medina to declare the country in a state of emergency for 25 days, which the Executive did on March 19, through Decree 134-20. 

The curfew

Measures adopted by the government during the state of emergency established a curfew for the citizens, to force them to stay home for a specific time, to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. The curfew was decreed on March 29 by Decree 136-20, of March 20.

Initially, it was from 8:00 at night to 6:00 the next morning, but then the start time was modified, which was set at 5:00 in the afternoon and ended at 6:00 AM.

Business closure

During the state of emergency, the government ordered a series of measures of an economic and social nature. Also, the closure of businesses and institutions, except those that provide health, food, and financial system services. He ordered the removal of people over 60 years of age, and with diseases vulnerable to the coronavirus, from the workplace.

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