Health April 9, 2020 | 7:31 am

Banco Popular and Scotiabank offer free ATM usage to clients

Banco Popular Dominicano and Scotiabank announced yesterday that their clients will be able to check their balance sheets and withdraw cash at any of the more than 1,400 ATMs of both entities in the country, without any associated cost.

The financial entities said in a communication that the initiative seeks to support customers of both banks, which now have more service points, which will help reduce the flow of people to branches, ‘a necessary measure during this emergency period to contain the coronavirus.’

“With this sum of platforms, users have at their disposal a joint network of 1,425 ATMs located in 63 municipalities in the country: 1,121 are contributed by Banco Popular and 304 by Scotiabank, equivalent to a coverage of 45% of the total set of multiple banks at the national level,” refers to the document.

The agreement, which exclusively covers units located in Dominican territory, specifies that the withdrawal limits per transaction and per day in an ATM of the other banking entity will be the same that each bank establishes for its own clients.

The maximum withdrawal amount per transaction at ATMs is RD $ 10,000 (USD $185).

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