Health April 9, 2020 | 2:50 pm

Dominican experts demand more accurate information and greater social isolation controls

When more than 2,000 are infected, social isolation has not been properly followed by public. JORGE CRUZ

Santo Domingo, DR


Four medicine specialists and connoisseurs of the national health system agreed yesterday to consider the timid tactics of containment of the COVID 19 pandemic in the country, and demand to increase the measures of social isolation, control of the social gatherings that continue to occur, the wide distribution of diagnostic tests and identification of positive and symptomatic sites of isolation.

They believe that the country is being inadequately responsive in the face of the pandemic. Initially, much time was wasted thinking that China was far away, the perpetrators who continue to violate the nationwide curfew have not been adequately educated. Furthermore; the recommendations to avoid crowds and the confinement of symptomatic patients are not being adequately managed, to the point that even pulmonologists do not know where there are places of isolation to refer patients who do not have proper conditions to remain at home.


The analysis was made separately by the ex-director of the National Health Service (SNS), Nelson Rodríguez Monegro; the president of the Dominican Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, Ivelisse Acosta; the head of the Cardiology Service of the Salvador B. Gautier hospital, Fulgencio Severino, and the infectologist of the Infectology Service of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, Josefina Fernández.

The specialists understand that if forceful actions are not taken quickly to enforce the provisions of control of virus spreading gatherings in markets, banks, supermarkets, large companies, in government aid policies and adequate containment of the population, the final results of the impact of the coronavirus in the country could be catastrophic and the health situation unmanageable.

Daily entry

Rodríguez Monegro understands that a daily record should be kept of the availability of public and private beds, of isolation, of intensive care available, with the application of an adequate referral mechanism for aggravated patients, ensuring suitable transportation, with monitoring of the evolution of these patients, are urgent actions.

Social gatherings continue

For Dr. Acosta, the fact that the quarantine has not been observed as ordered and the media review photos of people crowded in markets and service centers is of great concern, which does not exempt the exposure with very few measures of caution, indicating that the feeling of risk is not entirely clear to a large part of the population.

There is no leadership

The infectologist Fernández understands that the minister of health is a person who wants to do his job, but he presents statistics that do not reflect reality because the tests are not widespread and the few that are carried out do not have timely results, which causes people to not maintain correct isolation while waiting for the results.

He said that he is concerned that a leader in this situation is not identified, “the President of the Republic is sorry, he is silent, he has always been like this, but the moment deserves that he lead the people and give some guarantees that they are trying to do things as they should be done.”

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