Health April 9, 2020 | 9:34 am

Due to coronavirus crisis Dominican Poultry Association guarantee a price below cost for chicken

It's time to grill some chicken!

The Dominican Poultry Association (ADA) assured that the producers and chicken processing plants of the country are committed to supplying the State’s social plans, guaranteeing a price below cost.

Pavel Concepción, ADA president, said that at this time of crisis and in solidarity with the people, they will reduce the inventory of the sector, which to date exceeds 15 million pounds of chickens.

The ADA president further explained that they sell chickens at the price of RD $ 46.5 (US 90 cents) a pound to the Presidency’s Social Assistance Plan via tender.

Concepción reported that by selling the product below cost, the poultry sector would be making a contribution to the country of around RD $ 44 million, in addition to other donations maintained throughout the country.

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