Health April 18, 2020 | 8:31 am

Dominican Council for Trade in Provisions warn of shortages; people expect price stability

Vice president of the National Council for Trade in Provisions (CNCP), Jorge Morales

The vice president of the National Council for Trade in Provisions (CNCP), Jorge Morales, warned yesterday that the warehouses are beginning to run out, in addition to the fact that the food industries and importers are not working at full capacity. Meanwhile, the population hopes there will be no more price increases.

In a document, he called on President Danilo Medina to make the schedules of the workers in the industry more flexible “that you make the decision to allow the industries to work and work full time to guarantee a real and effective supply of the basic necessity products.”

He asked to facilitate bureaucratic and customs plans for the removal of medical kits and that tests for the coronavirus arrive on time.

Morales reiterated that all merchants collaborate with the population to maintain acceptable prices, discarding part of their goods and distributing food, through the 74 associations that form the union.

He stated in the statement that the situation the country is experiencing due to the virus is everyone’s business and as such it must be managed with the participation of the political leadership, the business, productive sector, and merchants.
In order to face this crisis, he proposed two aspects that must be taken into account: the health and food issues.

Morales further explained that one is important for transparent and adequate management of purchases and everything to plan, and the other must be made up of the State, producers and merchants “to know what we need and what we have in this situation.”

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