Health May 9, 2020 | 9:15 am

MERCADOM and Dominican Poultry Association will build a poultry park

Dominican Markets for Agricultural Supplies (MERCADOM) and the Dominican Poultry Association (ADA) signed an agreement for the construction of an industrial park and a cold plant for poultry products on the grounds of Merca Santo Domingo.

The project seeks to end the complication of lack of refrigeration of the surpluses of the poultry industry in special situations, such as the production surplus or the incidence of future situations like the current pandemic.

Construction will include cold stores, container berths, an egg processing center, a biodigester to break down organic material into methane and fertilizer, offices, and the ADA cooperative. The pact was signed by Claudio Jiménez, general manager of Mercadom, and Pavel Concepción, president of the ADA.

The Minister of Agriculture, Osmar Benítez said that this alliance facilitates the construction of this center as soon as possible, which will supply a necessary demand for the poultry sector. He explained that at the moment, due to the Covid-19 shutdown, there is a surplus of production and this type of structure will allow storing and refrigerating chickens and eggs.

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