Health June 10, 2020 | 2:05 pm

Phase 2 exceeds the records of the first week with 129 new cases of COVID-19 in Dominican Republic

The spread of the deadly virus in the country has already claimed 550 lives of Dominicans

Deaths remain the same: 28 for both weeks

Santo Domingo, DR

During the first seven days of the second phase of the economic and commercial de-escalation that began in the country on day three, 2,375 new cases of Covid-19 were registered, about 129 more than those reported in the first week of the first phase of the de-escalation, started on May 20, when the report of new cases was 2,246.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths maintained a similar behavior with reports of 28 deaths in both weeks.

On June 3, when the second phase of the economic reopening began, epidemiological report number 77 established that the country had a cumulative of 18,319 positive cases, 520 deaths, 11,474 recovered, 6,325 active patients, the fatality rate was 2.84 % and the positivity of 17.90%.

Yesterday, bulletin 82 reported that the country has a cumulative of 20,415 confirmed cases, 544 deaths when five new ones were notified; 12,208 recovered, 7,663 assets, a case fatality of 2.66% and a positivity of 17.60%.

Meanwhile, on May 20, when the first phase of economic and commercial reactivation began, the epidemiological report recorded a cumulative of 13,657 confirmed cases, 448 deaths, a 3.28% fatality, and 7,364 confirmed cases.

Six days later, the bulletin report 69, collected a cumulative of 15,723 confirmed cases, 474 deaths, 8,790 recovered, 6,459 active cases, and a case fatality of 3.01%.

The third phase of the de-escalation is scheduled to start on the 17th of this month with a greater opening of commercial and economic activity, while the cases of Covid continue to increase, especially in Greater Santo Domingo.

Five new deaths

The cases of infections and deaths in the country by Covid-19 continue to increase in the country, with a higher incidence in Greater Santo Domingo.

According to the special bulletin number 82 released yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health until yesterday in the country, five new deaths were registered due to the disease, all registered in the National District, to reach a cumulative 544 deaths from the beginning of the epidemic, while 289 new positive diagnoses were registered for a total of 20,415 confirmed.

Likewise, some 12,208 people have been discharged after recovering from Covid-19, while 2,554 are in hospital isolation and 5,109 in home isolation.

In the last 24 hours, 1,060 PCR tests were performed, for a cumulative nationwide total of 98,100 processed tests, of which 77,685 have been ruled out as negative for the virus. In the last 4 weeks, the positivity in the processed samples is 17.60%.


The report highlights that 116 patients are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit; 58.62% in health centers in Greater Santo Domingo, 26.72% in Santiago, and 6.03% in the Duarte province. The Santo Domingo province continues to be the area with the most cases of infection, with a cumulative 5,607 cases, of which 83 were new in the last 24 hours, followed by the National District, with 5,103 cases, 48 ​​of them newly registered. Santiago with 1,563 accumulated and of the 5 new contents in the last report.



Greater Santo Domingo has the highest death rate by place of residence with a cumulative of 100 deaths, the National District 85, the province Duarte 84, Santiago 76, La Vega and Puerto Plata 29 deaths each.

Nationwide, 70.04%, that is, 381 of the deaths, correspond to men, the average age being 65 years. As a history of morbidity, the deceased have hypertension with 26.10% of patients and diabetes in 22.98%.


Public Health urges to continue reinforcing social distancing measures, the use of a mask, and avoiding places of high attendance.

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