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The curfew expires tomorrow Saturday in the DR with no extension

State of emergency in the DR due to the coronavirus.

The state of emergency imposed by the authorities to face the coronavirus pandemic in the country expires on Tuesday 30, and the Legislative Branch did not request a sixth extension.

The new request for an extension of the national state of emergency had to be made five days before the current one ended.

After the deadline has expired, the Government may have administrative measures to maintain the quarantine established to mitigate COVID-19, but without a curfew or a state of national emergency.

The current curfew that takes place from 8:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning, every day, ends on Saturday 27.

It is recalled that the country has not yet been able to overcome the second phase of the economic de-escalation due to the increase in cases and deaths registered in recent days.

Government position. It is recalled that the Minister of the Interior and Police, José Ramón Fadul, ruled out on Thursday that the Government requested a new extension of the state of emergency that ends on Tuesday 30, or that it extend the curfew that ends on Saturday 27.

Monchi Fadul.Today / Pablo Matos


Fadul considered that it is no longer prudent to request an extension due to the proximity of the electoral process, although he stated that the preventive measures provided by the Ministry of Public Health will continue to be applied.

On his side, Flavio Darío Espinal,  legal consultant to the Executive Power, also reported that the government will not request an extension of the state of emergency that expires on July 1.

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