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Of every 100 PCR tests, 22 tested positive for the coronavirus in DR

The occupation of hospital beds continues to increase in the country. DAILY LIST

The virus began to spread with greater intensity in the provinces of the border zone



Santo Domingo, DR


The percentage of positivity of the Covid-19 virus continues to increase in the country, especially as a result of the economic de-escalation, reaching 22.11 percent in the last four weeks, which indicates that for every 100 laboratory PCR tests that were processed, more than 22 tested positive for the virus.

While among the provinces with the highest percentage of positivity are those located on the border with Haiti, being led by Independence with 55.15%; Pedernales with 53.7%; Elías Piña with 35.65% and Dajabón with 32.29 percent.

El Seibo is also on that list with 36.47; Valverde with 36.24%; Hato Mayor with 32.20%; Monte Cristi with 28.32; Barahona with 27.57; San Cristóbal with 26.38; Azua with 25.51% and Santo Domingo with 24.79%.

The percentage of positivity is calculated with the number of confirmed cases and the number of tests carried out, and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests keeping it below 10%.

Eleven deaths

About 810 new cases of Covid were diagnosed in the country in the last hours and 11 new deaths, while the occupation of hospital beds continues to increase, being yesterday at 63% nationally and 74% in Greater Santo Domingo, where the demand is higher.

According to a special bulletin, 105 of the General Directorate of Epidemiology released yesterday by the Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, 34,197 cases, and 765 deaths have been confirmed to date in the country, with the addition of 11 new one’s yesterday. The total recovered is 18,141 while 15,291 remain active, of which 11,863 are in home isolation.

The total number of PCR tests processed in the country is 157,045, of which 2,916 were carried out the previous day. The case fatality rate is 2.24% and the positivity rate is 22.11% in the last four weeks.

Greater Santo Domingo is the province that accumulates the most positive cases and deaths, with more than 19,000 confirmed cases and 312 deaths. Of the total of deceased 529 are men.

Bed occupancy

Yesterday 982 people were hospitalized in the centers under monitoring, of which 200 patients, that is, 20.36%, were admitted to intensive care units. 102 were ventilators or assisted breathing. The occupation of hospital beds nationwide in the centers monitored by the system was 63% and 56.8% in intensive care beds, according to the details offered by the Minister of Public Health during the press conference to update Covid’s behavior in the country.

In Greater Santo Domingo there were 463 people in hospitalization for a 74% occupation, of that, 90 patients were in intensive care for an occupation of 62%, of which 60 were under ventilation. In monitored centers in Santiago, there were 317 people hospitalized for 69% occupancy and 61 ICU patients for 63% occupancy of the 97 available units. In ventilation, there were 26 patients, while in the Duarte province there were 40 people hospitalized for 27% occupation, 27 in the ICU for 50.9%, and six in ventilation.

In La Vega the number of hospitalized patients was 84 for an occupation of 57% of the 135 beds monitored, nine patients were in ICU, of 36 beds available for 25% of occupation, and five of which were under ventilation.

Examination process


The Minister of Health reported that a module was created for online consultation of the results of the tests carried out at the Dr. Defilló National Laboratory.


Patients can check the results through the web using their ID and number assigned to the sample taken.


He also informed that the channeling of appointments will be made through an exclusive telephone line to answer the demand that corresponds to (809) 780-7300.

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