Health July 11, 2020 | 10:17 am

The Covid-19 in irrepressible transmission

Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas was in Los Tres Brazos.

Santo Domingo, DR



The massive outpouring of people into public spaces again is having an effect at the health level, which has increased the number of people hospitalized by coronavirus to 1,135, for 74% of the beds monitored in the system in occupation. In Intensive Care Units there are 226 patients and of these 117 are with assisted ventilation.

In Santo Domingo, there are 400 hospitalized patients, of which 104 are in the ICU and 68 with ventilation.

When offering bulletin # 113, the Minister of Public Health said that we must return to the actions and reinforce the process of physical distancing.

Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas explained that the increase in positivity has to do with social behavior due to elections and the opening of the economy.

He argued that the easiest and only way to control community transmission is with hand washing, the mandatory maintenance of face masks, and social distancing.

The official said that we were facing the results of the electoral campaign, due to the increase in the number of infections and of people who died from the coronavirus.

Hospitalization in other provinces
Santiago presents a total of 89% saturation of the number of beds available, with 417 inpatients, of whom 76 are in intensive care units, representing 79% saturation of the units and 35 with ventilation.

San Francisco de Macorís has 39% occupancy with 59 hospitalized, of which 30 are in intensive care, representing 56%.

In La Vega, there are 90 hospitalized and five are in the ICU and of these four with ventilation.

In Puerto Plata there are 76 hospitalized patients, occupying 46% of the availability of beds and 11 being in intensive care: 55% of the 20 beds available in the ICU are occupied.

Deaths and confirmed cases
Yesterday, 22 more deaths from coronavirus were reported for a cumulative of 864, with a record of deaths for one day in the country. The confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country total 41,915 with 1,125 new cases. With a positivity rate of 25.05% in the last four weeks.

 Active cases are at the level of those recovered
The active cases of coronavirus and those recovered in the Dominican Republic have a difference of only 609 people, the number of cured persons being higher but both exceeding 20,000.

The Ministry of Public Health bulletin 113 indicates that for the first time since mid-April, those infected could be more than the recovered.

Active cases are 20,221 of which 16,102, 79 percent, are in home isolation. While 4,119, 20.36 percent, in hospital isolation.

The number of recoveries is 20,830, with 609 more than the active cases of the coronavirus in Dominican territory.

The three with the most cured records are Santo Domingo with 6,089; the National District with 5,645 and Santiago with 1,532. In the last four months, Public Health has registered 182,263 PCR samples, of which 3,425 were taken this Thursday. The positivity rate for the past four weeks is 25.05 percent.

In figures
The average age of those infected is 38 years. 53.57 percent of those infected are men and 63.21 percent of cases are concentrated in 12 municipalities.

In total, 243 health workers have tested positive for the coronavirus. 64.61 percent are women.

 They are on alert.
The Minister of Public Health indicated that Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago are on alert due to the capacity in hospitalizations for coronavirus patients.

They would enforce fences.
They consider placing epidemiological fences in neighborhoods and provinces.

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