Health July 24, 2020 | 8:41 am

Pandemic: zero availability of hospital beds imminent

Santo Domingo.- While the positive cases of Covid -19 reached the highest number reported in one day on Thurs., with a record of 1,572, hospitalizations and requirements for hospital beds continue to leave the country with very little response to demand.

With a record of 1,383 patients hospitalized yesterday, the overall occupancy of beds nationwide in hospitals by Covid under monitoring by the Ministry of Public Health was 93%, while in Intensive Care Units (ICU) the patients admitted were 246, with an occupation of 69.7% of the available beds, with 124 patients on ventilators.

In Santo Domingo yesterday there were 609 patients hospitalized, reaching 97% occupancy of the available Covid beds, of which 106 patients were in the ICU for 74% occupancy; in addition, 69 patients were kept on intubation or non-invasive ventilation.

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