Health August 17, 2020 | 3:57 pm

Violating the curfew and without distancing – party in Nizao, DR

Baní, Dominican Republic

Loud music and hundreds of crowded people enjoyed a party in Nizao, Peravía province, during the curfew hours without any authority being present to admonish people who failed to comply with the measures imposed by the Executive Power to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Those present at the celebration shared videos on social networks. A large number of people are observed on the sidewalks and streets, consuming alcoholic beverages and without any protocol to avoid the coronavirus.  

No one can be seen wearing protective masks in the video, much less complying with social distancing.

All this happens amid a situation in which last week an announcer and a cameraman from the municipality of Baní, Peravia province, died of the coronavirus. According to the latest Public Health bulletin, 875 people have been affected by the virus in this province.


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