Health August 18, 2020 | 8:36 am

Dominican Republic registers 28 deaths due to pandemic; reflects reduction of new infections

Yesterday, the epidemiological system notified 28 new deaths from covid-19, while the number of new infections is lower, with 428 people with the disease.

Likewise, the epidemiological system yesterday registered 86,737 cases of infected people and 1,481 deaths, with the 28 accumulated.

Until August 16, 2020, 6,835 were reported in hospital isolation, 24,313 in-home isolation, 54,108 recovered. One thousand four hundred eighty-one deaths were reported, and a fatality rate of 1.71%; per million inhabitants, the fatality rate is 141.74, and for every one hundred thousand inhabitants, it is 14.17.

The information is contained in bulletin number 151 issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology, a dependency of the Ministry of Health.

Critical care Until yesterday’s report, 295 people were reported positive for the viral disease in intensive care units. 43.73% are in Greater Santo Domingo centers, 26.78% in Santiago, and 25.08% in the Duarte province. Likewise, all cases’ median age is 38 years, with a range of 28 to 52 years.

More data 51.42%, that is, 44,602 of the total affected are men and 69.89%. That is, 60,622 of those affected are concentrated in 12 municipalities.

The health workers: There are 267 health workers positive for covid-19, of which 64.79%, that is, 173 correspond to the female sex. In the last four weeks, the positivity of the processed samples is 31.33%.

The official report ensures that in the last 24 hours, 2,407 samples of covid-19 were notified, which are added to the release of 324,463 tests processed for diagnosis.

The coronavirus fatality rate is 1.71 percent, and the positivity for the past four weeks is 31.33 percent.

Active cases are 31,148, of which 6,835 in hospital isolation and 24,313 in home isolation.

At least 295 people are admitted to intensive care units (ICU), with 43.73 percent in Greater Santo Domingo centers, 26.78 percent in Santiago, and 25.08 percent in Duarte.

The average age of those infected is 38 years. 51.42 percent are men, and 69.89 percent of the cases are concentrated in 12 municipalities of the country, the bulletin reads.

The positivity in the processed samples reached 31.33% in the last four weeks,

Deaths By place of residence, 71.78%, 1,063 of the deceased were registered in 12 municipalities. The average age of the dead is 68 years, ranging from 54 to 77 years. 65.90%, that is, 976, are men. The deceased’s comorbidities correspond to arterial hypertension, in 34.57%, and to diabetes, 22.42%, says a summary of official data.

Demarcations The province with the highest number of cases continues to be the National District, with 133 new cases, six deaths, and 273 deaths from covid-19.

The Santo Domingo province has some 105 new cases of covid-19, it also has seven further deaths, for a total of 357 deaths.

The Santiago province has 42 new cases, four further deaths and a total of 193 deaths.

Other provinces with more new cases are La Vega, with 26 new cases, La Altagracia with 11 cases, 23 Puerto Plata, 10 in Sánchez Ramírez, 10 in Peravia. Puerto Plata has 23 new cases, and María Trinidad Sánchez, 5 new.

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