Health September 12, 2020 | 11:06 am

Luis Abinader: “This level of quarantine in Dominican Republic is not going to be increased or decreased”

President Luis Abinader (in bright blue mask at center of table) with press corps

President Luis Abinader said today that the level of quarantine that is established in the country to curb coronavirus infections will not be increased, but it will not be decreased either.

“With the Covid-19 we have advanced a lot, we would like to advance further to reduce the quarantine results, this level of quarantine will neither be increased nor will it be decreased because we have achieved results,” said Abinader.

The president has been in this region since last Friday, fulfilling an agenda of meetings with various sectors of the area.

The Head of State made these statements during a press conference with journalists from Santiago and the Cibao region.


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