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Rainieri: “In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic sanitary protocols are strictly adhered to”

CEO of Grupo Puntacana, Frank Rainieri


 Considered a curfew can be extended on Sundays until 7:00 at night

 Minister David Collado highlights support to combat coronavirus


Punta Cana, the largest tourist center in the Dominican Republic and one of the main in Latin America do not neglect the rigor of its sanitary protocols, on the contrary, it maintains strict compliance with the measures that seek to combat Covid-19. “The protocols are being strictly adhered to, not only at the airport but also in the communities,” said the CEO of Grupo Puntacana, Frank Rainieri.

“The airport has a protocol that is the same that the World Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) uses and the Dominican government has agreed to implement,” he said.

He highlighted that Punta Cana has two weeks free of Covid-19, even in communities that are not residential.

He stated that hoteliers must assume responsibility for the purchase of tests to help the government and that workers in tourist areas are vaccinated when the vaccine comes out, according to Listín Diario.

He assured that this is the great step that they have wanted to take for a few months and that the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, has supported them from day one, telling them that to “talk about tourism, we must face Covid-19.” For this reason, all entities are working hand in hand, because this industry “is not a fashion or a luxury, but the most important in the country.”

According to Rainieri, a public-private alliance has been made between the government and the hoteliers of Punta Cana wherein the C5I and the Armed Forces have been working for three months and controlling the coronavirus in the communities because it is important that the Association of Neighbors follow up and actively support.

In Punta Cana, the C5I carries out the operations together with the Ministry of Public Health and Civil Defense, while Asonahores, Grupo Puntacana, and the Rotary Club provide support so that this operation yields better results.

“If a family is detected where there is COVID-19, but it is not necessary to intern them, that family, if it is of limited resources, needs to go to work and there comes the contamination. What is done is that through the tourist police, hot food is brought to your home so that they do not go out and the neighbors make sure that this is done,” Rainieri commented.

As for the curfew, the tourist entrepreneur considered that this measure can be extended on Sundays until 7:00 at night so that national tourists do not have to leave the city in the early hours of the morning.

“It will not change anything to modify it until 7:00 at night. We would see positive results” revealed Rainieri, who accompanied the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, to a visit to the Punta Cana International Airport.

He emphasized that if the population has waited until now with the curfew, it can continue with the measure until the end of the month when it ends, since “we must not rush.”


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