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Health reported yesterday that in the last 24 hours there were no deaths from covid-19 In Dominican Republic

The Ministry of Public Health reported yesterday that in the last 24 hours there have been no deaths from covid-19.

However, 11 deaths were reported, for a total of 2,087 deaths, since the pandemic began in the country, indicates bulletin 190 of the General Directorate of Epidemiology.

Similarly, the document indicates that 475 new cases were reported for a cumulative total of 110,597 infected.

The fatality is 1.89 percent, according to the health authorities.
In the last 24 hours, 4,943 samples were processed, the daily positivity rate is 12.82 and in relation to the last weeks, it is 16.99 percent.

The number of active cases is 23,900; of recovered 84,610 and of discarded 351,690, according to the latest official report.

Regarding hospital occupancy, 24 percent of the beds are occupied, in relation to ICU beds, 38 percent, and the use of ventilators exceeds 29 percent.

Challenge. Ivelisse Acosta, Deputy Minister of Collective Health, explained that the Dominican Republic faces a great challenge to maintain the decline that it has experienced in the main indicators of covid-19, in balance with the economic openness that the country requires for its recovery, therefore the Government implements consistent strategies to prevent flare-ups and maintain disease control.

In an information session of the member states of the World Health Organization (WHO), on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health, the official showed the main advances of the Caribbean country in controlling the pandemic.

In his presentation, “Response to covid-19 in the Dominican Republic” before some 200 participants, including ministers of health and diplomatic representatives, Acosta said that one of the most relevant indicators is the decrease in the positivity rate, which is located at 14.75 percent, in relation to the month of July 2020, which ended at 33.55%.

He added, in the same way, that the downward trend experienced by this indicator is consistent with the increase in the availability of tests.

Trend. “The great challenge that we have ahead of us now is to ensure that these indicators continue to decline and necessarily, in the face of the pandemic, there are other aspects that cannot be neglected.

Open the country to recover the economy and guarantee better services and at the same time pay attention to other collective health issues such as chronic and endemic diseases, which are also a threat to health,” he said. Other indicators highlighted by the official are the fatality rate that has decreased to 1.89 percent, the availability of tests that increased to 43.029 percent, the occupancy of beds in Intensive Care Units (ICU) that reached 81.3 percent in July, and it has dropped to 37%.

He stated that to contain the expansion of covid-19, the Government, through its “Health Cabinet,” is developing a new plan that prioritizes, among other things, the supply of PCR tests, the training of health personnel, and the hiring of doctors and nurses, the provision of more laboratories to streamline the application of tests and offer results in less time.

In addition, the reactivation of the 22 Collective Health programs to monitor the incidence of different diseases that, due to the health crisis, had a low level of activities.

Co-responsibility. Acosta told the WHO that another of the challenges facing the country is to achieve the co-responsibility of citizens in self-care, since on a large scale, strict compliance with the prevention measures recommended by health authorities, will depend on the success in containing the coronavirus and the complications that lead to deaths.

Therefore, at this stage of the pandemic, the Dominican Republic “has focused on strengthening contact tracing, surveillance, and infection prevention and control measures, in accordance with the nine pillars recommended by the WHO.”

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