Health October 23, 2020 | 2:14 pm

Confirmed: Dominican Minister of Health is hospitalized after testing positive for covid-19

Minister of Health, Plutarco Arias

The Minister of Health, Plutarco Arias, has been admitted to the Centro Unión Medica del Norte in Santiago, for treatment after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

With the minister and vice-minister infected by a coronavirus, yesterday the health authorities started a day of tests to all the staff in the office. However, testing was frustrated by the fire that occurred yesterday in the Financial Department of the building and damaged the transmission servers.

Cabinet Director Robinson Diaz informed that around 400 samples were still managed to be taken yesterday, waiting to be processed by the National Laboratory.

Diaz ruled out an outbreak of covid-19 in the ministry because out of 60 PCR tests performed, only two turned out positive, the one corresponding to Deputy Minister Fernando Ureña and later Minister Plutarco Arias.

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