Health November 3, 2020 | 2:36 pm

Health Minister Plutarco Arias Recovers from Coronavirus

Plutarco Arias, Minister of Public Health

The Ministry of Public Health announced that the health of the minister, Dr. Plutarco Arias, is in clear improvement after he came out negative for Covid-19 when a PCR test was carried out on Monday.

“I have tested negative for Covid-19 in my second test after having tested positive on October 21. I appreciate the wise efforts of the entire medical team that treated all the people who have been praying for my health and me,” Plutarco Arias said when making the announcement.

It was reported that for protocol reasons, he is in rest for the indicated time and that he will continue to fulfill his roles from his home and attend to the affairs of the ministry.

The official closely monitors the programs and projects started, such as the placement of points for conducting covid-19 tests throughout the country, with the collaboration of the different Provincial Health Directorates, the mayors, and the provincial governments.

He also continues to oversee strict surveillance of the vaccination processes for influenza and other viruses, such as dengue, malaria, and leptospirosis.

The Minister of Health directly and continuously dispatches all the information about vaccination against rabies to celebrate the vaccination week against the disease that attacks both animals and people.

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