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Incidence of antibacterial gel in low disease propagation

The use of Handyman Clean’s antibacterial gel, creams, and soaps in workplaces, studios, commercial establishments, and in other public places ensures a low spread of diseases because it eliminates 99.99 percent of the most common germs that cause damage to health, including the Covid-19, after 15 seconds of its application.

The executive made the pharmaceutical company LAM, Gina Torres Arias, who explained that the use of these products had had an impact on reducing the rate of absence of employees, students, and hospitalization.

Torres Arias specified that Manitas Limpias is the first locally manufactured and commercialized antibacterial gel that can reduce typical microorganisms on the skin and destroy the potentially pathogenic transient bacterial flora.

Torres Arias stated that this article protects the hands’ skin from dryness and possible dermatitis due to its additional lubricating agenda.

The statements took place on the occasion of the introduction by Laboratorios LAM of a new line of soaps and creams from the Manitas Limpias brand, with the same antibacterial effect of its gel, moisturizer, and vitamin “E”.

The new products come in packages with a fresh, modern, and attractive style, which conveys care and efficiency to satisfy the public’s different types of needs.

When describing the new personal hygiene items, the pharmaceutical company’s executive explained that the soaps are available in packages of a size of 354 milliliters, in the scents Blue Angel, Green Rainforest, Pink Passion, and Original Clear.

While hand creams come in a 30-milliliter size, with 20 percent Shea, which is an ingredient that helps keep hands hydrated, in Sweet Love, Shea, Verbena, and Aloe aromas.

Torres Arias stated that “at Laboratorios Lam we offer world-class health solutions to specialists and the population, bringing a life response in each one of them.”

She recalled that the traditional Manitas Limpias line in its antibacterial gel presentations, “wipes” and its pocket gel is applied by simply putting a little on the hands and rubbing them until dry, and can be used at any time, place, and without the need for water, soap or towel because they leave a refreshing sensation on the hands without residue and without feeling sticky.

He indicated that all these products are available in pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, and other commercial establishments.

“For LAM, health is the most important thing, which is why we believe that hygiene is the only source of life, as it has always been, and more now than ever we protect it, because having clean hands is no longer just a matter of hygiene; now it’s a matter of life,” added Torres Arias.

About LAM Laboratories

It is one of the leading Dominican pharmaceutical industries with 37 years of operations, which, since its inception, has promoted the national production of high quality and innovative drugs.

Currently, it is a benchmark in the Dominican Republic’s pharmaceutical market. It has more than 700 direct employees and a portfolio of more than 600 medical products, emphasizing cardiology, diabetes, neuroscience, and other medical areas.

The company is committed to caring for Dominicans’ health and well-being, promoting access to medicines made in the Dominican Republic with international quality.

Some of its leading products are Manitos Limpias, Laritox, Coralat, Omeprasec, Alerplus, Lamigrax, and more than 600 products in cardiovascular, analgesics, urology, childhood, neuroscience, gastro, and personal care.

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