Health November 20, 2020 | 9:58 am

Expert suggests discussing Covid reinfection

Robert Paulino, director of the Institute for Tropical Medicine and Global Health at Unibe. EXTERNAL SOURCE

Santo Domingo, DR

 Only through genomic analysis of the cases identified by the Ministry of Public Health of people who have two positive tests for Covid-19 within more than 90 days could one speak of the virus’s reinfection or if it is another viral variable, researcher Robert Paulino said.

The scholar, who directed the Institute of Tropical Medicine & Global Health of the Ibero-American University (UNIBE) and led, together with other institutions, the investigation that determined the first sequences of the virus in the country a few months ago, said that this laboratory can do so, but that for this the data of these cases are needed to be able to do the genomic analysis.

He said that only with these studies could it be determined if there is reinfection in patients in the country.

“We have the logistics and ability to carry out case confirmation work whenever possible to obtain the h. Aliquots of the first infection in each case, demographic data, and in collaboration with the authorities describe the findings as they have a lot of scientific importance,” he explained. Paulino was consulted about testimonies published by Listín Diario of people who claim to have tested positive twice since March to date, as well as revelations from the Epidemiology Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health that indicate that at the national level, 343 people have two positive Covid-19 tests within more than 90 days.

“A reinfection cannot be confirmed if there is no evidence of the first and second. That is why in our laboratory, positive cases are kept, and I understand that in the National Laboratory and in La Referencia they also keep them,” said Paulino.

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