Health November 23, 2020 | 2:06 pm

Gallup-HOY: 93.1% of the population has had to control their spending because of Covid-19

Almost the entire population (93.1%) has had to control their spending as a side effect of the Covid-19. 88.2% have had to change their consumption habits and 86.6% their shopping habits, according to the Gallup-Hoy survey.

Also, 78% of citizens have had a negative impact on their income, 77% have changed their entertainment habits, 70% have changed their compliance with their commitments, and 69.7% have seen their ability to work reduced.

69.5% have postponed their investments due to the economy’s uncertainty, and 63.6% have been affected by job loss.

Only 26.4% say that what has affected them most is their health and that of their family.
Occupations. Regarding citizens’ occupations during the pandemic, 27.6% said they go out to work, 25.2% do household chores, 18.5% spend time with their family, and 7.2% study or learn something new.

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