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Minister of Health alarmed by the night “gatherings”

Plutarco Arias, Minister of Public Health, during the Safe Christmas launch ceremony in Santiago, where he asked the population for more discipline and control to lower the contagion of Covid-19. ONELIO DOMÍNGUEZ / LISTÍN DIARIO

Plutarco Arias called on the National Police to enforce the regulations that prohibit people’s gathering and require physical distancing in public places.

Santiago, DR

The Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Arias, asked the National Police to enforce Santiago and other locations in Cibao, physical distancing, the use of masks and to avoid crowds in public places to prevent the Covid from continuing to spread. 19.

Likewise, he reported that they are evaluating tightening the restrictive measures from December 1 to 20 to prevent the virus’s spread.

In this context, he estimated that if people continue with their bad behavior, it will not be possible to relax confinement on select days this December.

However, he clarified that he has no answer about the bad behavior he perceives many citizens are exhibiting in the face of this pandemic. Today, the Health Cabinet is meeting to define what would be done in the future to lower the positivity of Covid- 19.

The official complained about the bad behavior of the population, where he affirms that there are parties in the patios and other places on weekends and that this has caused a slight increase in coronavirus infections.

Minister Arias spoke at the beginning of the Safe Christmas Day, which was launched yesterday in the Central Cibao Directorate of the National Police based in Santiago.

He called on that law enforcement entity to enforce the regulations that prohibit the gathering of people and require physical distancing in public places and the use of masks.

At the Monument
The Minister of Public Health declared that on Sunday, he visited the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration of Santiago and that he was able to observe many people sharing without masks and without complying with physical distancing.

He also observed that dozens of people danced in its surrounding areas, many without their belly bands. He also explained that while he was going to Las Palomas, he could observe many crowds of people.

The Minister of Health said that if people’s internments and infections are to continue like last week and previous weeks, people have to do their part and make a joint effort.

He said that the function of the Ministry he presides is to take care of the health of the Dominican people and insisted that the population should not lower its guard because the cases have been increasing slightly.

In his opinion, the authorities do not plan to open the country on certain special days in December. The restrictive measures will be maintained, reiterating that what matters is taking care of people’s health.

Last Black Friday, the Minister of Public Health also asked the population to be strict in the application of the recommended preventive measures against the Covid-19 virus when going to shops in search of the offers that are generally offered on the occasion of the celebrations of Black Friday, or Black Friday that has become a tradition in the country. Now with the Christmas festivities, the official confirmed “that they take care of themselves, that they do not crowd, and that they use masks. Also, that they never remove the mask, that they stay at a distance, avoid crowds, is what we recommend in case of going to stores and other shopping centers.”

Hipólito and wife.
Former President Hipólito Mejía reported yesterday that he tested positive for Covid-19 with his wife, Mrs. Rosa Gómez de Mejía.

“I make it public knowledge that my wife and I have been diagnosed with Covid-19,” said former President Mejía in a publication on his account on the social network Twitter.

The ex-president also wrote that they were in good condition “of health, and soon with the help of God and the doctors, we will be healthy.”

“I make it public knowledge that both myself and my wife have been diagnosed with Covid-19. We are in good health, and soon with the help of God and the doctors, we will be healthy,” wrote the ex-president.

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