Health December 22, 2020 | 3:00 pm

Government provides new measures at airports due to increase in COVID-19 cases

The Health Cabinet, together with the Ministry of Public Health and the private sector, announced on Tuesday the reinforcement of preventive measures at airports due to the increase in cases of the coronavirus, so it was arranged that only two people could go to searching a vehicle for passengers and the increase in staff at air terminals to streamline services.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, together with the Deputy Minister of Planning and Development of Public Health, Edward Guzmán, who explained the details.

«The increase in staff, which includes eight people in AILA; six people per shift, two per tuno in migration, two people per shift on a leash, two in the test area. In the outdoor space, six people divided into three shifts to speed up and ensure social distancing, “he said.

He also announced that the random tests carried out by Public Health are maintained at 15% and will be increased in the hours of highest traffic to reduce the wait and only serve ten people.

Military checkpoints will also be placed on the return of Route 66 to certify compliance with the mean that there can only be two people per vehicle.

The machines in the parking lots of the International Airport of the Americas will also be expanded from six to seven to speed up collection services and passengers’ departure, and the grace period upon departure will be extended from 15 to 45 minutes.

There will also be a contingency plan in case of lines or problems in the parking system when opening the bar and allowing the exit without paying. Further, the number of security personnel available will be doubled.

“As everyone knows at this time, the number of absent Dominicans is doubling and as of today 160,000 people with foreign passports have entered the Dominican Republic and what we are taking is taking the necessary measures to guarantee the health of the Dominican people,” Collado said.

Also present were the Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Areas; the director of Adunas, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, and other personalities.

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