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Density and mobility keep virus active in six provinces

Dr. Ivelisse Acosta, Dr. Ronald Skewesde report on Bulletin 286 where they explain the trend in cases and positivity of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic. Today / Arlenis Castillo / 06/01/2020.

Six provinces maintain a high incidence of positivity in covid-19, which is closely linked to these communities’ population density and mobility.

Likewise, it is necessary to insist that the measures in place, such as confinement, hand washing, and respect for curfew, be kept to prevent the further spread of respiratory viral disease.

This was stated yesterday by Dr. Ronald Skewes, director of the General Directorate of Epidemiology, when he answered questions to journalists in the usual press conference held at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

The provinces with the highest number of reported infection cases are the National District, the province of Santo Domingo, La Vega, Santiago, Duarte, and Monsignor Nouel. These are districts with territorial political division, but with great mobility among them, said the epidemiologist.

Viruses seek to survive, and as a host, the human being is ideal, which is why mobility in these provinces increases transmissibility and positivity, the expert said.
In that order, the expert recommends the population take advantage of the restrictive measures that the government has established throughout the national territory.

There are links between Santo Domingo, the National District, Santiago, Monsignor Nouel, La Vega, and Duarte province, the official insisted. In these districts, many tests have been ordered to be applied in search of positive cases and young people who do not present symptoms of the respiratory viral disease that affects the country.

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