Health January 11, 2021 | 2:03 pm

People were making fun of the curfew this weekend

Although the curfew is so that people are not on the streets, in the neighborhoods people stay on the street, although without wandering. ADRIANO ROSARIO / LD

Santo Domingo, DR


Some citizens from the capital’s sectors respected the government’s measures. In contrast, others mocked them yesterday, even though President Luis Abinader decreed that the curfew would begin at noon on weekends without the grace of free transit.

Solomon, a man in his 50s, expressed his comfort with the measures and explained that “to look for the virus in the street, it is better to be calm.”

“On weekends, I have short sales. I sell only for a while until the curfew arrives, and so I pass it on,” added Solomon, a man with a disability on his right leg, who added that on the one hand, it is terrible because there are few sales, but there is health which is the vital thing.

Similarly, Melvin de la Rosa Martinez said he is calm with this curfew because “I am a trader, I go to trade, and then I go home.

Martinez added that he is happier now because he does not spend his money as he used to and said that those measures of the new curfew are considerable since he is producing more and his family is calm.

“These measures are good because I spend less with this curfew, now I don’t spend my money on drinks like I used to,” he said, smiling.

But not everyone thinks like Martinez or Solomon.

No business

Deyaniris, a resident of the La Cienaga sector, says that the curfew has damaged her income in part because she is a merchant and with her husband went out to market late on Saturdays.

“I know that now the schedule of Saturdays will be until later free transit, but even so you can not sell clothes or anything, but at least it gives me time to get home,” he added, referring to the new measures of the curfew.

Dozens of people have broken the curfew.

During a tour of various sectors of the capital, it was possible to observe how multiple vendors marketed their food products regardless of how they were out of hours.

Dozens of people were on the streets talking, playing dominoes, and even drinking alcohol in the establishments.

Likewise, the Listín Diario team was able to observe an ample flow of vehicles and businesses with their doors open to the public and without fear that any authority would order them to be closed.

Countless motorcyclists were on every corner waiting for a passenger, and if they found someone to board, they would do so.

“I don’t see this curfew very well. It affects me since I am a motorcyclist,” said Juan with a face of anger, since he affirms that he is looking for “moro” (fun) on the weekends.

He added that he does not appear in any government aid, so he alleges that he has to look for the “moro.”

Drivers on the run


Drivers violated traffic laws to get home quickly, without realizing what damage they could cause in their vehicle maneuvers, all by avoiding police checkpoints.

Entering the opposite or reverse lane, drivers driving along kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway avoided the police checkpoints recorded in photos and videos of reporters covering the start of the curfew yesterday.

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