Health January 22, 2021 | 3:49 pm

Thousands ignore Covid-19 safety measures without masks or distancing on beaches and squares

The restaurants were full yesterday for the holiday.

People went out in droves to have fun yesterday like there was no Covid-19



Santo Domingo, DR

Sitting on the benches of Columbus Park in the Colonial City, where white popcorn, lovebirds, and other birds of the sky flew in, and settled bustling, were some Dominicans enjoying it all with their families on the Day of the Virgin of La Altagracia.

Though the afternoon rays of the sun made it difficult to take in the view without sunglasses, they did not prevent tourists and citizens from walking along El Conde Street and resting in Colon Park to enjoy the food restaurants, the merengue, the cafeterias, the train ride, the bicycles and the other attractions.

Between the murmur and the music, some of them told stories to each other. There were dozens of people, children playing at catching the pigeons, travelers who took advantage of the occasion to buy some handmade clothes, and the street vendors selling their wares to the welcome multitudes.

On the walls of the Basilica Menor de Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, a quinceañera and a recent graduate were having a photo session.

The park looked as if there was no coronavirus, but the masks gave it away. They were adapted to the new modality.

In a tour, it was observed how Palo Hincado Street, a road that always looks crowded with transportation vehicles, was deserted.

At the entrance of El Conde, there were only people in the cafeteria on the corner and Independence Park was closed.

The place where most decided to spend the afternoon was the restaurants in Colon Park.

At a considerable distance, you could hear some typical songs where the sound of a drum, a güira, and a very harmonic accordion resounded.

The Dominican tradition was present within the tourist area. The mini-bars, cafes, and restaurants housed dozens of people.

The restaurants located in the Colon Park, but also those between Isabel La Católica and Las Damas streets were saturated.

Venezuela Avenue

Without masks, one next to the other while the smoke from the hookah spreads table after table, there were groups of people past 5:00 in the afternoon (curfew time) in entertainment centers on Venezuela Avenue, in the Ozama widening.

There was no distancing and the recreation centers violated the norm by being open.

On the holiday of La Altagracia Day, it was observed that businesses closed after the time established by the Government.

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