Health January 25, 2021 | 8:15 am

People resist being vaccinated by the registry

The coronavirus continues to spread in the country with thousands of infected each day and 18 deaths reported yesterday.

Santo Domingo, DR

Last week, the vice president of the Republic and coordinator of the Health Cabinet, Raquel Peña, said that the vaccination plan against the Covid-19 coronavirus would be based on the electoral roll to organize citizens and determine the number of people who will be vaccinated. This seemed to confuse people since they did not understand what the registry’s use consisted of because it was also reported that it contemplates the integration of voting centers for the vaccination process.

“So that means that if I vote in Villa Jaragua but live here in the capital, I have to go there to get vaccinated, that’s why I don’t get vaccinated now ‘,” exclaimed Daysi Pérez, a resident of Santo Domingo Este, whose position was shared by many citizens who were also used to more details about the vaccination plan.

As the authorities have not clarified the information throughout the weekend, uncertainty took hold of citizens who began to express their opinions on the different social networks.

“I really do not understand what they want to do, because, for example, I have to go to the interior to vote (Santiago Rodríguez), but I have lived here for many years, and I do not think I am going to do that alone,” explained Darío Gómez.

Education knows nothing

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, said that he had not received any request about the possibility that educational centers that function as polling stations be used for the vaccination plan against Covid-19. “I have not yet received any request about educational centers,” Fulcar expressed through his spokesperson when contacted by LISTÍN DIARIO regarding the possible measure that some educational centers are chosen to apply vaccines since most schools are the main voting centers in the country.

CTCs are available

The general director of the Community Technology Centers (CTC), Isidro Torres, reported that he made available to the Health Cabinet and the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance its 104 infrastructures that operate nationwide for the vaccination day against the new coronavirus Covid-19.

“The idea is that the CTC serve as receivers for the population and that they can also guide the communities through the Radio CTC stations, as well as their technological base to raise awareness of this scourge,” said Torres.


Raquel Peña declared on Friday that in the next week, they would begin socializing the vaccination plan against the coronavirus.

Through various agreements with different pharmaceutical companies, the Dominican government plans to obtain 20 million doses to vaccinate against the coronavirus. The country expects 10 million doses of AstraZeneca, 8 million with Pfizer-BioNTech and 2 million with Covax.

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