Health February 8, 2021 | 4:28 pm

Low covid positivity last 6 days

Doctors intubate a patient in a serious state infected by coronavirus.

Coronavirus positivity continues to decrease in the last six days. Today, it stands at 14.03%, established Public Health by notifying 12 deaths, two of them in the previous 24 hours, and 721 new disease cases.
It indicated that the number of deaths due to the virus totaled 2,843, 52,649 active cases, and 224,119 registered cases, with a lethality rate of 1.27%.

Public Health highlighted that since last Wednesday 3 to date, the daily positivity has been on a downward trend, reaching 22.30% on that day, while on Thursday it was at 20.30%, on Friday it was at 19.03, while on Saturday it was at 18.19 and on Sunday 15.78%.
This is evidence of a downward trend in the daily positivity in covid-19 infections, he said.

Today, according to epidemiological bulletin 326, the positivity of the last four weeks is at 17.58% after 5,140 samples were taken to detect the virus, out of a total of 7,265, of which 2,125 were taken subsequently.
He detailed that 168,627 patients have overcome the dangerous disease, and 883,138 were discarded by performing anticovid tests.


According to the health authorities’ data, hospital occupancy is also experiencing a slight decrease at 33%, with 907 beds occupied out of 2,740 available for patients with the coronavirus.

While in Intensive Care Units (ICU), 54% of those affected by the virus are located, occupying 289 beds in an area that has 538 beds.
Meanwhile, 40% are connected to ventilators, occupying 159 beds out of 401 beds available for these purposes.

Risk groups

The Public Health bulletin shows that children under 20 years of age continue to be infected at a dizzying rate among the risk groups, with 23,442 infected.

It adds that 541 health workers suffer from the virus and 307 pregnant women have coronavirus.
Areas of contagion

Health authorities continue to warn that the areas with the highest risk of coronavirus infection continue to be the National District, the provinces of Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Vega, San Cristobal, Puerto Plata, La Altagracia, and La Romana.
The National District already has 63,164 people infected by the virus, followed by Santo Domingo province with 43,636 cases of the terrible disease and Santiago with 25,363.

Meanwhile, La Vega already has 9,298 active cases of the infection originating in China. In comparison, Puerto Plata has 7,257 cases of the coronavirus, La Altagracia has 8,415 cases, and La Romana has 6,567 cases of the virus.
The provinces with the fewest cases of covid-19 are Elías Piña with only 386 patients, Pedernales with 611 active cases, Hato Mayor with 640 infected, El Seibo with 800 infected.

While provinces such as Dajabón have registered 900 infected, Montecristi follows with 980 cases of the disease, Santiago Rodríguez, with 1,032 people suffering from the coronavirus.

Health authorities insist that to stop the spread of the virus; the population should continue to use masks, wash their hands continuously, and not put their fingers in their eyes or mouth, among other hygiene measures.

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