Health February 9, 2021 | 10:43 am

Poorest dominican provinces boast the least Covid impact


Santo Domingo.- The country’s poorest provinces continue to be those with the least circulation and contagion of Covid-19, and among them figure the border demarcations, where none reach 1,000 cases.

Together, the five border provinces accumulated 3,777 infections and 47 deaths until yesterday. Montecristi is the one that registers the most positives and deceased, with 900 and 18, respectively, Dajabón and Independencia have 900 cases each, while the deceased are 11 and 10.

In Elías Piña, only 386 people have been infected and five have died from the virus. That province was the last to report the virus, and even its locals for a time barred the entry of visitors to stay free of contagion.

In Pedernales, only three people have died and 611 have been infected, according to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health.

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