Health February 14, 2021 | 8:15 am

Dominican Republic registers 15 deaths and 1,131 more infections of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health notified 1,131 cases of coronavirus after processing 11,722 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of active cases to 50,634.

Fifteen deaths have been reported, two of which occurred in the last 24-hour period. The total number of deaths is 2,932. The case fatality rate is 1.28 percent.

According to bulletin 331, the daily positivity is 15.91 percent, and that of the last four weeks is 16.01 percent.

COVID-19 bed occupancy in the hospital network stands at 29 percent, with 802 occupied out of an availability of 2 730. ICU beds occupied are 255 out of an availability of 538 for 47 percent. While 133 people are using ventilators, and the total available is 406 for 33 percent.

The total number of positive cases recorded since the first cases were reported in the country is 228,895. Of these, 175,329 have been recovered, while those discarded are 905,775.

At-risk groups

Twenty-four thousand ninety-five young people under 20 years of age have been affected by the coronavirus. Five hundred thirty-eight health care workers and 306 pregnant women have also acquired the disease. The percentages of deaths due to hypertension is 30.66% and 19.30% due to diabetes.

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